About Us

Welcome to Topp Line Kids, the only source for the ultimate cool kids' apparel and accessories. Our brand exudes style, swag and comfort.

My name is Michesha Kelly, founder of Topp Line Kids, part-time college professor, wife, and mother. Topp Line Kids was inspired by my journey through motherhood, more specifically, my rambunctious toddler, Apollo. Becoming a first-time mother at 30 would seem ideal to some but as a newlywed and full-time college professor, I ended up sacrificing much more than I could’ve imagined. Post-partum set in quickly and as a then stay-at-home mom, I was very unsure of myself and how I could be truly happy in this situation. My beautiful and forever smiling baby pulled me out of my slump day by day. Seeing this helpless but optimistic and creative soul gave me something to look forward to everyday. I knew then, when he was 11 months, that I needed to find my passion and create something to pass on to him in my own right. On a personal note, I'm not the average height woman. I’m 6’2 and finding fashionable and affordable clothing for myself was very difficult and I quickly found the same issue for my sprouting toddler. I was inspired to create my own brand of accessible, stylish products and essentials for infants and toddlers. This brand is dear to my heart and with the help and cultivation of my dedicated husband, my vision will transcend and grow into a legacy for our family. 

More important than my journey is our mission as a small, minority-owned, business. We aim to provide a children's brand that symbolizes trust, quality, and customer-focused service at the highest level. We provide products for children of all colors the opportunity to feel and look their best. This opportunity God gave us will be used to support, motivate and inspire change in our community, and later, OUR WORLD.

I truly appreciate you and your business. Thanks for getting to know us. Follow us on our journey and be inspired by cool kids all over the world through our social media platforms.




Michesha Kelly